Friday, October 10, 2008

Felt Clippies (Prices vary)

red delicious $5/one

meringue $5/pair or $3.50/one

apple tart $4/one

pumpkin spice $5/pair or $3.50/one

festively fall $5/pair or $3.50/one

october olive $4/one


Ashley said...

I love all of these!! I want them all. I will definitely be placing an order sometime soon but I have no idea how I'm going to narrow it down to a few. Thank you for sharing your excellent taste with the world! :)

Emily said...

These are adorable! If only I had your talent. I guess I just have to buy some from you instead. How much for shipping?
Emily Hawkes

Cindy said...

Thanks guys...I added a thing on the sidebar about shipping.

Not the Norm said...

Too Cute!

The Grant Family said...

Hey....did you just add "Apple Tart" while we were looking??? :)

Jackie said...


These are very cute clippies. I just found a website for different hairstyles for girls. I love it! I have been using lots of them for Mia. I was just thinking you should check it out and leave a post on it to tell the authors about your business. Maybe they could add your button for you. One of the authors is bow crazy. She might even buy from you.