Friday, January 22, 2010

Custom W O R K.

Ok, I'd hardly call it WORK, when I enjoy it so much...but I thought I'd share a few custom things I've been working on lately.  First was an inspiration from my recent collaboration with a fellow Etsy seller, that I've mentioned before {}.  She made this cute onsie, which I want so badly for my little Hazel... 

and I made these cute clippies to match:

S A W Y E R   &   P O O D L E

Just today I made this pacifier clip for a customer.  She wanted something neutral for her little girl to wear with some vintage/neutral outfits she had.  I thought it turned out pretty cute.  I just  love doing custom work because it makes me try new things, that I may not have thought to do.  I'm thinking I may add it to my shop...

Then last was a gift for a baby shower that I co-threw last night.  I really love what I do, especially when it comes to baby showers!  I love buying something cute for the new baby to wear {usually from Etsy} and then making some cute hair clippies or pacifier clip to match. 

This particular shirt I purchased was from Target.  Don't you just love Target?  Then I made some baby snap clips to match as well as a fabric flower with a headband, just in case she didn't have hair :)

What do you think? 

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The Grant Family said...

I think.....VERY CUTE!!!