Saturday, April 24, 2010

In the thick of it.

Please, please excuse my lack of blogging.  A week on vacation turned into a month apparently!  This was not my intention....however it sure was nice to have a break.  But, I certainly haven't just been sitting around mind you.  I've been busy!  I'm so grateful for some wonderful wholesale clients, that all ordered at the same time!  I'm happy to have completed those and sent them on their way!  Now I'm trying to get lots of goodies made for a special 1 year promotion....a month late, oops! 

Until then, thought I would share few photos.

This is my Cam man, notice the button disaster in the background.  What a mess!  And they were color-coordinated and everything...and 5 days later I'm still sorting them out!

What mom?

Here's our little fam over Easter weekend.

This picture of my little Hazel just kills me.  She's so annoyed with me!

And a happier one :)
So, stay tuned, very tuned for my sale :)  Happy weekend everyone!

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