Sunday, June 6, 2010


Aren't baby showers the best?
We got to throw a shower for our good friend, Adrienne.  We had a blast.  Here are the pics to prove it...

What's a party without a "sweet" buffet?

On the menu:
Chicken Navajo Tacos with all the fixins'...YUM!

My favorite is Ruby rockin' out with her mega headphones.


the GUEST of honor and her +1

My partners in crime,

Couldn't keep this one away from the treat table,

Or this one!

My candy twin!!  Who else likes circus peanuts?  Anyone??  You're missing out people!

And the most risky baby shower game I've ever played.
CAUTION: {beware of enlarging this picture, you may unpleasantly surprised}

Karate kid even decided to show up!

I told her to pose...and she DID!  What a good sport!  We had such a fun time throwing a party for one of our favorite people.  I hope you loved it Adrienne...congrats!!


The Bonjour Family! said...

precious baby shower!

Lauren said...

Just discovered your blog :) You guys did an amazing job on the baby shower! She's a lucky girl to have friends like y'all!