Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My new office

I thought it was about time that I share my new office with my peeps.  This space is in our basement and was completely empty beforehand...darn no "before" pic, sorry :(  So after a little begging, my wonderful hubby:

wonderful hubby.

to create something I would be able to store all of my stuff in as well as a work space.

So, here she is....

Don't you love all of that space?  It's just screaming for some girlfriends ( I feel like my mom saying that!)  to come over and craft with me, am I right? 

Still needs to be decorated and all, but boy do I love it!

Then today Hazel was being so cute, as I talked her into being my model for this cute new headband.

Love this girl!


Unknown said...

Where did you get those great "Tiffany Blue" cannisters? I love your new room!

Blake said...

I agree that your new office needs to have a few decorations. But I think it's also fine just the way it is. I'm also a bit curious of what the basement looked like before you used it as your home office. It would be great if you do find a picture of it to post here. And, somehow, Hazel reminds me of my little cousin.

Blake Mitchell